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WV Adoption Attorney Bob Noone
Bob Noone with adopted children Thinking of Adopting your Foster Child, Step Child or Grand Child . . . or maybe you are considering a private adoption? Attorney Bob Noone ONLY performs adoptions - no divorces, custody or car wrecks, JUST adoptions, which we consider to be the most important work that a Circuit Court can do in West Virginia.

If you have a foster child through the WV DHHR or a WV child care agency - know that we will NEVER charge a fee to discuss the adoption of a foster child or a child in kinship care. We represent foster parents statewide, and you never pay for our transportation. In fact, if the WV DHHR is paying you an adoption subsidy, you do NOT pay us a penny until you get reimbursed for our services by the DHHR. In most instances, we even pay your filing fee of $200 per child for you.

We have handled the adoption of WV foster children for decades now all over the state, and it is our favorite legal proceedings - as children are often removed from neglectful homes and placed with a forever family they have bonded with over the course of the legal hearings where the parental rights are terminated. We handle all the paper work, hearing preparation and work closely with the social worker assigned to your case to move the case as promptly as possible to final hearing. Our goal is that you have no out of pocket costs as a foster parent.

WV adoption lawyer Bob Noone NEVER charges foster parents or those providing kinship care to discuss their adoption options. Also, we NEVER charge to talk with grandparents, stepparents or other relatives about their possible adoptions. Princeton WV and Beckley WV adoptions

While we have offices in Charleston and Logan, WV, we recognize your time as a foster parent is valuable - so we often can meet you near where you live or by video conference. We provide adoption legal services to all of WV, including Charleston, Huntington, Welch, Parkersburg, Wayne, Williamson, Madison, Lewisburg, Pineville, Clay, Webster Springs, Clarksburg, Phillipi and most points in between ~ when you contact us we will get in touch at a time/place convenient to you.

In addition, we proudly serve foster parents, grandparents and stepparents in Princeton and throughout Mercer County, WV; also in Beckley and throughout Raleigh County, WV. We regularly work with the Mercer County Circuit Judges and agencies in and around the Princeton, and the Raleigh County Circuit Judges and agencies in and around the Beckley ~ we welcome the opportunity to discuss your Mercer County or Raleigh County adoption with you.

And because foster parents are free to choose whatever adoption attorney they desire (and because we never charge anything extra to travel to your location) Bob regularly performs adoptions throughout the State of WV for such child care groups as KVC, Necco, Children's Home Society, Try Again Homes and enjoys working with the adoption specialists of the WV Department of Health and Human Resources.

Bob regularly speaks to foster care groups throughout the state with his "Adoption Boot Camp" seminar. If your foster parent group or child care agency would like to schedule Bob, you can reach him at the phone and email below.

Bob Noone, WV Adoption Attorney
In West Virginia:
P O Box 1050
Logan, WV  25601
Office:  116 Stratton St, Logan WV
Direct Line:  304-784-8818
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