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LGBT Adoptions
Dad & Dad Adoptions We’ve been asked if we do adoptions for gay men and lesbians. We have never imposed our judgement on loving couples wanting to expand their families. Gay and Lesbian couples have always adopted, although their sexual orientation may not always have been in the open, and we’ve done them as single parent adoptions. But with changes in the laws today brought about by the June 2015 Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality those adopting as same sex couples, or single parents are to be treated equally under the law.

At present, the law in WV says that a “married couple” may adopt, and since 2014, an LGBT couple may legally get married. Therefore we believe it is a settled issue, you may adopt. As of this writing, we believe the same should apply in Alabama, although Probate Courts, who hear the adoption cases, may probably vary in applying the law as they did in February 2015 when deciding whether to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. We believe the US Supreme Court ruling will cause the law to be applied equally.

If your partner has a child that you would like to adopt (using the same standard as a step-parent adoption), Mom & Mom Adoptions this second parent adoption can only occur if the child’s other biological parent consents to give up his or her parental rights or the court granted a termination of those rights. We can assist in drafting those consents for you.

LGBT couples have to undergo the same thorough home study requirements as any other couple prior to adopting (criminal background check, CPS background check to insure no abuse or neglect in their history, community references, etc.) Also, as with every adoption case, the Court will only grant an adoption if it is in the best interest of the child.

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